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Parking & Travel Guide for your Car.

Introducing the new Parkbud 3.0 in a nutshell Making navigating, traveling and parking - useful & fun.
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  • Find nearby parking garages
  • Keep track of the time left on your meter & get reminders when expired.
  • Save where you parked & get up to the minute directions back to your car.
  • Pay for parking anywhere in the world where mobile payment is accepted
  • Build a Library of Parking Payment info to calculate, pay & renew anywhere
  • A Full Location Guide: Discover, Share & Navigate to Places Nearby
  • Get Information & Reviews about Points of Interest you like
  • Create shortcuts to find your favorite places with one tap
  • Use Parkbud to seamlessly hook into & navigate with your GPS apps
  • Parkbud Pro is now FREE: Flashlight, Compass, Nearby Search, Widgets, et al
  • Take notes on parking restrictions, places, errands, whatever you wish
  • Enjoy an immersive experience with high-end graphics, sound & animation
"Parkbud is A Carefully Orchestrated Piece of Art combining functionality
with thoughtfully engineered sound, animation & design."

So Whats new
in Parkbud 3.0?

What Parkbud 3.0 has to offer... The most fun parking and location app got even better. Here's why:

All the sweet benefits of
Parkbud in detail.

Meter Alarm - track your parking time! Avoid overpaying & fees with the Parkbud Meter and Alarm.

Gorgeous Digital Clock

An accurate and well-crafted digital clock that shows you the amount of parking time you have left.

Ticking Mechanical Timepiece

A high quality interface with sophisticated movements, rotating gears, and clock hands that countdown the seconds.

Spinning Time Wheel & Alarm Calculator

Set the meter and a reminder alarm with the animated number pad and spinning time wheel.

Car Locator & Park Finder - all in one place! Save your car's location, get directions & find parking instantly!

Instant Directions

Cute & handy animated map. Find your car with walking directions, addresses, distance, & time.

Save Your Location

Set your car's position with just one touch. Drag it around to a new position and save it for a later date.

Nearby Parking Tracker

Get tips for nearby parking garages. Tap to see their addresses on the map.

Parkbud Places - find more than just Parking! Find Places Around You & create your own favorite shortcuts

Much more than Parking

Get more than 15 useful Points of Interests and find them all at your fingertips when you need them.

See All That's Around You

See all the different places around you on the map: Restaurants, Gas, Hotels, Transportation, & more.

Bookmark Favorite Places

Search anything nearby. Find & Bookmark for one-tap access - your favorite shops or cafes in a new city.

Get your personal Guide - Discover new Places Use a full Location Guide & navigate to anywhere directly from Parkbud

A Full Location Guide

Have all the place details in one spot, like reviews, location, web, etc. Call, share or contact the place easily.

GPS Navigation Hookup

When things get hectic quickly find where to go by hooking into your fav GPS apps via Parkbud.

Browse & Navigate

Browse a list of Places around you; see how far they are & in what direction with the built-in compass.

Payment - Pay for Parking with one tap! Create a Payment Library & pay anywhere Mobile Parking is accepted.

Parking Calculator & Payment

Calculate fees & parking data directly & pay by SMS or phone where mobile payment is accepted.

A Library of Parking Fees & Info

Add info on any place you park with fees based on time of day, pricing, location, etc.

Save SMS Payment Info

Create SMS patterns that are automatically filled in your payment SMS, from license number, to zone, time, & more.

Camera & Photo Editor - add & edit photos Take photos of parking spots, fees, your rental car, and more.

Add A Photo

Use the customized camera to take photos of your parking location, price lists, meter fees, and restrictions.

Edit, Upload, & Take Photos

Upload existing photos from your library or take new ones. Crop & scale your shots in the built-in editor.

Document Your Trip

Take advantage of the camera's capabilities to make finding your car faster and easier.

Notepad - a beautiful interactive leather journal Keep a log of information about your trip, car, and more.

5 Sheet Swipeable Notepad

Easy to use, gorgeous notepad with 5 quality sheets of virtual paper bound with a leather cover.

Animated & Interactive

Swipe up and down to use a fresh sheet or simply delete with one tap.

A Place for Quick Reminders

Use the Notepad to jot down what level you parked on, what errands you need to run, parking fees, etc.

Extras - Customize your Parkbud Everyone has different needs - customize your parkbud as you please.

Handy Flashlight

Searching for keys to open or lock the car? Parkbud has a flashlight - just when you need it.

Playful Parkdeck Widget

Saving data does not have to be boring. Play & spin wheels while entering your parking spot & locale.

Just as you want it

Customize the look and functionality: You can turn nearly every feature on and off as you so desire in settings.

Soaring to the
Top of the Charts.

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